Monday, February 16, 2009

Hello Kitty + MAC = LOVE!

Posted by iamglamourpuss at 4:56 PM
So, my lovely pretties from MAC arrived today. I missed out on their fabulous Barbie line of products a few years ago and refused to miss out on the Hello Kitty goodies!

Sometimes MACs collaborations are all over the place...from Diana Ross to Emanuel Ungaro to, very recently, the grand Dame Edna! (Not to mention MANY others!)

Overall, I'm really pleased with this collection. The compacts are black with pink glitter embedded into it and the HK logos are really cute! There were two color palettes for this collection, one was "wild" and the other was, you guessed it, "mild". I was disappointed in the eyeshadow quads they had for each palette. One was made up of cool colors like blues and aquas...the other one had a gold, bright orange and black...I can't even remember the fourth color. I was hoping for colors that were more candy-inspired.

I love the lipsticks and lipglass colors. That one BRIGHT pink one reminds me of that neon pink-blue color of Superstar Barbie's satin dress. I seriously doubt that it ever touches my lips, I feel like I am currently to frumpy to be fashionable, so why draw attention to myself...but it will come in handy in my kit. (And I'm not fishing for compliments...just "keepin' it real...we'll talk about this again in 50 lbs time.)

The beauty powders are really cute, HK's head is imprinted in the powder. I love the colors of the blushes, they are so pretty.

The nailpolishes are cute. The pink reminds me of a color they already have called "Steamy", it's just a hot pink cream polish. The other one is indeed gray. Tate's been wanting a gray shadow and now she has one!

I like the glitter eyeliners...they are so easy to use and really add a little extra oomph when used over your regular eyeliner. The lipglasses are quite lovely too. The one that appears bright orange isn't the shade of coral I thought it would be, but I can live with it. The peachy-pink one is my favorite and it's called "Mimmy" who is HK's sister. I am also really liking the tinted lip conditioners. I used to use MAC's lip conditioner way back when it had different packaging, but always found it too greasy and the packaging too dull. (I'm a packaging whore...make it pretty or cute and it's mine!) Last year I tried their tinted lip conditioner in a stick/tube form, but wasn't wild about the amount of color on the lips, which was VERY little. But these are really nice, the coral one is very bright in the pot, but subtle-yet-visible on the lips.

Last but not least is the glitter. It's called "reflects very pink" and that it does! I was expecting something different thought. When MAC started doing the "reflects ______" names, the glitter was clear with a colored shine to it. This is just straight up pink. And I love that MAC has started making their glitter super-fine, almost like a their pigments. That keeps it from looking tacky/overdone and makes it easier for the average consumer to use. No one wants to run around looking like a disco ball!

Oh yes and the lipstick has the sweetest little imprint of HK on the side! Enjoy my photos!

**My only gripe is that I couldn't use my industry discount for this special line. :( **


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