Thursday, May 5, 2011

UK Style

Posted by iamglamourpuss at 12:44 PM
I know this post has taken quite a while to publish and I know a lot of you have been enthusiastic to read it. I had a lot of material to digest and work with, hence the delay.

While I was in London, I saw quite a few trends. Some are the same as what we see here, some are not. I really wish I could've gotten photos of everything!!

Fake tanning is really big over there. I know it's better than getting a tan from the sun and risking your skin to skin cancer. But doesn't it defeat the point to have a nation of people who basically look like Oompa Loompas? I saw some very VERY orange people. They could be spokespeople for Tropicana orange juice. I once heard the term "mangerine" to describe a guy with an orange tan, this would be an appropriate term for some of the people I saw over there. You'd think with the self-tanning being such a big business, even Stateside, that a company could FINALLY come up with a color that is not orange. I would rather see a pasty white Anglo any day!

Another trend that is REALLY big is false eyelashes. If you go to the drugstore, there is an entire wall of eyelashes. Way more than you see here! It's funny because they have Sex and The City-themed lashes. Are you a Carrie? A Samantha? A Miranda? Or that other boring chick played by Kristen Davis? There is also a line of day and night lashes that are based on the UK girl band, Girls Aloud. I know Boots also has their own line of lashes, from low-end to high-end. Some have glitter, some have sequins, some look like furry caterpillars resting on your eyes. There is a time and place for lashes and I'd say 75% of what is sold there should not ever be used for anything outside of a photo shoot.

Neon is another trend that has stuck around in the UK. Neon shoes, clothes, accessories. Neon make-up and nail polish. While I like neons and own some neon make-up and nail polish, you have to be a pretty special person to carry off neon clothing. The same thing goes for lace, there is a lot of lace clothing over there. And some people should just NOT wear it...ever. I did think it was funny to see the resurgence of jelly shoes.

Ridiculous hosiery is something else I saw. I took my daughter to a concert and the girl in front of us was wearing these ridiculously short cut-off jean shorts. She had these hose on that looked like she was wearing thigh highs and a garter. Well, it took me a minute to work it out, because there were no connectors and the garter looked like hosiery. But the skin wasn't showing through cut outs. So, it was all one piece and the nude color was so good, it was almost undetectable. But when the poor thing turned around, you could seriously tell they were hose because you could see the crotch of the hose peeping out from under her shorts. And she was wearing a blousy, chiffon shirt. What an odd mix. And someone asked me, "Where was her mom?" She was right there with her. Yep, faux garters on kids is apparently acceptable there.

Glitter make-up is something else that is HUGE over there. Many lines of make-up have glitter liners, eye shadows and lip glosses. And they are affordable. At the moment, I can only think of one or two drugstore lines that have glitter liners here. Glitter is fun. I, for one, LOVE sparkles. But like the lashes, there is a time and a place. Not midday on a workday, on the train, just above your overly-full. '60s throwback, false eyelashes. No, no, no.

But while I sit back and reflect on some of these trends, there is one thing that I can say that is positive. At least the women in the UK are NOT afraid of being trendy and trying things that are risky and fashion-forward. I was even inspired to buy some insanely bright lipsticks I would never have considered before. While there were situations where the fashion SWAT team needed to be called in, I can't help but commend these ladies for taking a chance! We should take note and not be afraid to try a new, bright splash of color or something we may not usually try.

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