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Saucebox is Awesomesauce

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I always keep an eye out for cool, new make-up. Factors I like to consider are: quality, uniqueness, packaging and most importantly, value. As a freelancer, I live the "feast or famine" lifestyle. When times are good, they are amazing! When times are slow, it's beyond sad.

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE color! I love great pigmentation. I've really enjoyed bright eyeshadows by Sugarpill and Sleek. But I've had my eye on a company I've never tried before...Saucebox.

I came across Saucebox via Facebook. The colors looked amazing. The prices are more reasonable than Sugarpill and easier to get your hands on than Sleek, the first chance I could, I placed a small order with Saucebox. I ordered their classic, neutral, Creme de la Creme palette. I also picked up a single shadow they have a hard time keeping in stock. It's a fantastically bright, neon pink called Oh La-La.

The package arrived very quickly via first class USPS. From California, it took 3 days! The box was a very lovely pink and once I opened it, I found my items carefully wrapped in pink tissue paper. Sure enough, there was my CdlC palette and screaming pink shadow. But wait, there's more! I also got a mascara! Very cool! I love extras!

But before I get to the actual review of the products, I want to touch base on something that I take very seriously when it comes to my dealings with companies: customer service. In my eyes, customer service can make or break a business. I bet you think I'm about to go off on one of my rants, but no. I was so pleased to find that the people at Saucebox were so welcoming and helpful. I had questions that were answered thoroughly and in a timely fashion. I established a great rapport with the company representative I was communicating with. It was a top-notch experience...from before the order took place until I received my order. I cannot praise them enough.

Now, for the good stuff!!
The awesome contents of my order!

Creme de la Creme Palette

I found the eye shadows in the Creme de la Creme palette to be very smooth and velvety.  There is GREAT coverage and pigmentation.  The black is probably the blackest black I have ever used.  It goes on evenly and does not require layering, like other black shadows do.  The rest of the colors in the CdlC palette are beautifully shimmery.  There is a gorgeous light color that is not a cool white and is perfect for a natural highlight under the brow bone.  You can see in my swatches that the next to the lightest color almost blends perfectly in with my skin tone.  I love that.  Not only can I use it on my eyes, I can use it as a natural-looking face highlighter too.  The browns are very easy to blend and I love the gray because it is not too cool.  It won't be turning blue on anyone.  I have to say, I think that the CdlC palette is an essential neutral set that every woman needs to have.  It is $35 and can be found here.

Oh my...Oh La-La!

Now, I was SO happy to get my hands on Oh La-La!  This is a color that is frequently out of stock.  It is a brilliant pink.  So very pink, that it is hard to photograph because the camera goes all loopy trying to capture all of the awesomeness.  The color is matte and glides over the skin.  The coverage is great and is not chalky at all.  While it's not for the faint of heart, it is a lot of fun.  And don't forget that it is possible to mix a flash of an ultra-bright color in with a basic neutral eye look and not have the color be overbearing.  Don't be afraid of color,'s too much fun!!  The single shadows are only $8 and can be found here.

Surprise!  Mascara!

I have not tried out the mascara yet, but as soon as I do (most likely the next time I do my make-up), I will tell you all about it.


More swatches and the look I did with the shadows for Halloween!

In conclusion, what else can I say about Saucebox?   Well, I really really want everything else they make.  I need to possess every eye shadow in BOTH my own personal stash and in my professional kit.  In their collection of single eye shadows, there are many that can also double as blush.  I haven't wanted to gush about a company so much in a LONG time and I really can't wait to get my hands on more products.

So, yes, fine powers that be at Saucebox, should you ever feel the need to sponsor a working make-up artist, then I'm your girl!  I'm not just a blogger, I'm out there working events:  doing commercial work, editorial work, work that gets published, anything I can to get get my hands on faces and make transformations happen!   :)

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