Friday, November 12, 2010

Madd Style Cosmetics

Posted by iamglamourpuss at 12:53 PM
Lately, I've been steering away from big cosmetic companies and I've been trying out more things I find on Etsy. The latest shop I have tried is Madd Style Cosmetics. The shop offers a wide range of loose pigments, lip balms called "lip bombz", lip glosses, fragrances and a few other odds and ends.

My first order was for pigments. I ordered 6 and got a variety of candy colors. If you're going to get pigments, they should at least be fun colors! You can see for yourself:

I really love the pigments. My favorite so far is "Waffle", a sparkly aqua-blue. When I wore it the day these came in, my daughter told me my eyes looked like the sky, except sparkly. Gotta love that!

I even got a freebie sample of a color called "Oz", a dark emerald green. Yay for free samples!

My second order from Madd Style was just Lip Bombz. I ordered three...Holy Grail, Frankencake and Sweets-n-Stuff. I gave Tate, my 8-year-old daughter, Holy Grail because she was having a serious issue with chapped lips. She even had a place that had cracked. But after using Holy Grail for a day, I'm happy to report that her chapped lips are gone! I kept Frankencake and Sweets-n-Stuff for myself. Frankencake smells and tastes wonderful and has a pretty shimmer to it. Sweets-n-Stuff is heavily pigmented...almost a rusty red, which works perfectly for me since I'm a redhead!

So, all in all, the products are lovely. The transactions were smooth and flawless. And if you follow Madd Style on Facebook, you can see products that are in the works, add your input and even find out about deals and contests in advance!

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