Wednesday, March 7, 2012

All Smiles! The Happiness Project - Days 6 and 7

Posted by iamglamourpuss at 3:59 PM

I think Kevin Spacey's smile is infectious, whether there's lots of teeth, a hint or totally closed-mouth.  
He's one of those people who totally smiles with his whole face.  
In my opinion, a smile only counts when you can see it in the eyes as well.
And even with the photo with the slightest can see it in his eyes.

When I did a Google image search for "smile",  the second image to pop up belongs to a friend of mine who is an illustrator.  His name is Matthew Wilson and he's amazing.  Smart, funny, an artist with a myriad of talents...there are many reasons to check out his work.

Guess what? He blogs and blogs!
Know what else? He tweets!
What could be better? You can buy stuff he makes!
So, what are you waiting for? Go!

Pig Mud Happy Smile



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