Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I Don't Usually Like Flakes...

Posted by iamglamourpuss at 5:06 PM
Of course, I mean flaky people!

Recently, I've seen blogs and heard my girlfriends rave about Nubar nail polishes.  I've wanted to try them and I keep them in my watch list on eBay.  I covet the "Gems" and the "Sparkle" know me and glittery things.  Then a friend of mine posted about this color called "Opulent Pearl."  It's a flaky nail polish, meaning it has sparkly flecks in it that are not uniform in shape.  Think of how an opal looks.  And flakies come in all colors.  It can get confusing because you may think you're getting a blue one, only to find that the flecks are purple in a clear blue base.  Or a peach one, only to find the flecks are green.  This one is unique because it is in a subtle, white frosty base and reflects red, green, blue and purple.  It really is quite lovely and looks very much like an opal.

I decided since Opulent Pearl seemed to be such a great color, with such a great effect, that it should be what I picked up first.  No major investment in a whole collection of colors, just one pretty multipurpose polish.

I find that this polish looks best in extremes.  I like the naked nail the best and the dark color overlay second.  The reason why I don't really love it over darker colors is that the base polish is a white pearl.  It's not as subtle as I thought it would be.  Once you start layering, it creates a haze over the other color, which means you have to paint it well if you don't want darker colored edges peeking out.

Because of the milky haze that the Nubar polish has, I decided to search for more flakies.  I really like the ones that have ALL the colors, like an opal.  Although, the ones with fewer colors do look great when they are enhancing similar colors.

I already had the NYX polish on hand, although I hadn't tried it out yet and I had just picked up the Finger Paints, so I decided to paint my nails black and start comparing.

Once I had these side-by-side, the Nubar polish quickly became my least favorite.  The translucent base was simply not what I was looking for.  The NYX was nice.  But my goodness!  Look at the Finger Paints!!  My nail looks like a gemstone!  They each had 3 coats of flakies and the Finger Paints had way more depth and fire.  It was exactly what I was looking for.

I am thinking I may try out some of the Speciallita flakies next.  Which ones do you like best?

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dslrbbt on May 2, 2012 at 10:55 PM said...

The Nubar one is definitely my least favorite! It looks kind of...milky?

I like NYX one best, but I can see why you like the Finger Paints one! :)


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