Thursday, January 3, 2013

SauceBox Vs Sugarpill

Posted by iamglamourpuss at 6:39 PM
I've been so excited since I came across SauceBox Cosmetics!  Their colors are bright, they are very affordable and they even give one of my favorite companies, Sugarpill, a run for their money!  Ever since I got my last order, I decided I needed to do some comparison swatches.  I knew it wouldn't be long before people started asking about it.  So here they are.

 As you can see they are quite similar.  I find SauceBox's Jungle green to
be more yellow and a lighter shade of green than Sugarpill's Midori.
Now, Oh La La was brighter and a smidge lighter than Dollipop.

 I found the blues to be apples and oranges.
I don't think any are substitutes for another.
But all of the colors are lovely.

 Now, the oranges.  I think SauceBox's Wildflower
is less pink/red than Sugarpill's Flamepoint.  It also
has a less chalky appearance on the skin.  

Her are two that are altogether different from Sugarpill.
Spy is a lovely, shimmery vanilla shade, great for 
highlighting the browbone and cheekbones. 
Killer is a mid-tone, warm gray and I love it.  
It's not blue-based and its very easy to use for
a smoky eye and NOT overdo it.

Now here's the price breakdown of each.  Sugarpill's single shadows are $12 each.  SauceBox Cosmetics' single shadows are $8 each.  A quad palette from Sugarpill is $34.  A quad palette from SauceBox is $26.  And a 6-pan palette from SauceBox is $35-$38.  While some things are not similar, other things are. And you know me, I am always looking for the best deal around.  I am quite happy with all of my shadows.  


Goddesslily Seymour on January 4, 2013 at 4:05 AM said...

Love the swatches, thanks for posting, i'll have to visit that site.


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