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I follow so many nail fanatics on Facebook and Instagram.  It makes me insane, there are so many cool things out! And with my new interest in indie nail polishes, I've decided to try out a few.  I've only had a couple before, so I don't have a whole lot to go on.

I came across Jindie Nails on Instagram.  I fell in love with the a color called Candy Land (very left on the row of bottles below).  It has large hex glitter and smaller hex glitter in a variety of neon, yet translucent colors, suspended in a white, jelly base.  But once I started looking, I found a few more things I wanted to try.  Since Jindie Nails sells mini bottles, that was the easiest way to try it out.

Colors (Top L-R): Candy Land, Dream In Color,
Barbies Have More Fun and Talk Nerdy To Me

Below, you can see what each coat looks like.  My pinky has Barbies Have More Fun on it.  It layered alright, but I wasn't getting much of the pink glitter (more on that later).  Candy Land is on my ring finger and as you can see, it took a fair amount of work to get some glitter on my nail.  Talk Nerdy To Me is on my middle finger and it applied better than any of the others, despite my low expectations after the first coat.   And last but not least, there's Dream In Color on my index finger.  The first layer looked promising, but when I went to do the second coat, all the glitter got hung up on all of the dried glitter already on my nail.

The trick about these polishes is to remember that you cannot simply brush these coats on smoothly.  You have to use a "dab and blend" kind of method if you want an even distribution of glitter.  I think this is more of a user error rather than a manufacturer error, the glitters in some of these are pretty big.  I did read on another blog that if you turn Candy Land upside down, you may have better luck getting more glitter out.  Another thing was that a lot of glitter in Barbies Have More Fun stayed stuck to the side of the bottle.  I shook it like crazy.  Left it upside down for two days...and even then, very little has changed.  Below you can see the way it's all stuck to the front of the bottle.  There's a definite difference between the front and the back.

I swatched it again today.

I've swatched the polishes, but I've not put them through the rigors of daily life.  I cannot speak for how well they wear just yet.  I did find that Dream In Color popped right off, in one sheet (a friend of mine complained of this but with other colors).  BUT  I didn't use a base coat for the swatch photo, so I have to try that again.

Now, for my biggest gripe.  It is really difficult to buy polishes from Jindie Nails.  There is an Etsy store, but most of the time it is vacant, until the next restock.  And I participated in the last restock and I can tell you one was not easy.   The store was supposed to be active at 1 PM Central time.  So I made a point to be at my computer.  Messages were being posted on Jindie Nails' Facebook page about how not all items were active yet and to please wait to make your purchases.  So I sat.  I waited.  I added things to my cart.  After a while those things got cartjacked by people who didn't wait.  And somewhere in the debacle, I totally missed the listings for the two new colors she released.  Like I wasn't lame and missed it because I couldn't find it...the listings NEVER showed up.  Refresh, refresh...nothing.  So, I snagged some mini bottles fearing I would miss out on those.  The whole ordering/waiting/refreshing process took me 57 minutes.

There are other outlets for Jindie Nails products.  You can buy them via Llarowe now and via Mei Mei's Signatures.  Please note the prices are slightly higher on these sites, more so on Mei Mei.

I would also like to add that Jen from Jindie Nails is quite nice.  I contacted her about a polish that got cartjacked and she offered to send me a mini one for free.  Yet when my order arrived, it wasn't there.  Feeling like a jerk, I contacted her about it.  She had to have some extra correspondence via Etsy and Facebook to remember who I was, but once she figured it out she asked if I wanted it shipped with my next order.  Well...that was thing.  I didn't know if I wanted to order again or not.  So I sat on it for a day.  I felt like I'd be a real shit to ask for the freebie polish and nothing else, so my choices were to walk away altogether or buy something else.  Against my better judgement, I bought Candy Land Remix (see below, upper-left photo), which has some micro neon glitter in it in addition to the large and medium glitter already in it.  I am really hoping it is nicer than Candy Land.  I REALLY love the idea of this polish, but the application is a massive headache...not to mention trying to fish out a blue piece of glitter...I couldn't do that once!  I also got Live Out Loud which has some cool metallic dot glitters.  You can see it in the photo below, lower-left corner.

At the moment, I am on the fence about if I will order from Jindie Nails again or not.  I love the concept of many of her creations, but that's about it.  I really love the color Swoon, which you can see below, it's the aqua one next to Candy Land.  But if it applies anything like Candy Land, I'm sure I'll be frustrated.  When I get my next order in, I will post an update.

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