Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Flower Beauty Cosmetics

Posted by iamglamourpuss at 2:05 PM
A few weeks ago, I came across an end cap display at Walmart, featuring a new line of cosmetics. Drew Barrymore is not only the face of Flower Beauty, she's the creator. This totally makes sense since her film production company is Flower Films.

This brand is considered a luxury brand. It's cruelty free. The packaging is unique and worthy of sitting on any vanity. The prices also reflect that this line is a luxury line. I'm not sure if the average Walmart consumer is going to want to shell out for a new, spendy line of make-up. I know it's taken me weeks to accumulate what I have.

The first items I got were a sheer lipstick and a lip gloss. The lipgloss is a gorgeous pinky-peach nude. I love it. It's a great, fresh color that can easily be worn on its own or over another color. The shade is LG1. I'm not sure of it's name, the sticker on the side of it had that and I am not one for leaving stickers on my products. The sheer lipstick comes in a cool, square-ish tube. It has a slight hourglass shade to it. The bottom part is off-white, but the top is transparent and the color reflects the shade of the lipstick. Again, the sticker had the name of the color. I peeled it off and there is no shade number anywhere else on it. I'm certain "snapdragon" was part of the name.

Next I picked up the BB cream and foundation stick. First if all, I was psyched that there are shades for my ultra-pale, redheaded self! I like to use a combination of foundations to provide as flawless a look as possible. The Skincognito foundation stick can be layered up to full coverage or blended out for more sheer coverage. But I found that the BB cream had amazing coverage and didn't budge. You can see in the photo how it really covered the freckles on my arm! I love it! The shade of the foundation stick is SF1. The BB cream is BB1.

Now, let me tell you, this line has some if the trendiest colors I've seen. I had to refrain from buying a neon pink because I already have a few by Barry M. So I decided to get a nice nude, Nude Narcissus, and a pretty pink/coral color called Pink Peony. The color is smooth and the coverage is quite nice. There is a slight floral fragrance, but it's not a dealbreaker for me. These lipsticks are called Kiss Sticks and have a glossier finish than the lipsticks in the off-white tubes that supposedly have more of a velvet finish.

Last but not least, you KNOW I love my tinted lip balms. These come in a roll-up, chubby pencil. And it's no surprise that I love them. Sheer Blossom is nude and has some wonderful sparkles! Lacy Lauel is a pretty, sheer pink. I adore these. They feel good, don't require a mirror for application and give just the right amount of color. I must have more.

I need to look up the prices again. The BB cream was around $13, the lip colors around $8 and the foundation stick was around $9. My main gripe is that the shades are on stickers I will be removing from the outside of the packaging. I don't care I'd there is a sticker on the bottom of a tube, but I cannot stand when something runs the length of the tube. The lipgloss had a sticker on the end, which is great. The tinted lip colors have the shade printed on them. Perfect! But there's nowhere else on the lipstick tubes for a shade sticker. Both ends are decorative.

Do I want to try more from Flower Beauty? YES! I can't wait! But sadly, I have to wait until my wallet allows.


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